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Building a Career at C4T: Nelleke Engels

Thu , 23 May 2019 | Customs, customs4trade, work environment, jobs, career

Nelleke started at C4T in June 2018 as an intern while she was earning her BS in Logistics Management at Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp. She was hired to work at the Service Desk, C4T’s first line of support for CAS users, and quickly learned the many features and functionalities of the software. As Nelleke’s studies drew to a close, she began looking for job opportunities and saw a sales representative opening on the C4T website.

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“I missed the commercial side of business. No two days are the same,” said Nelleke. “I had learned about the customs process in school, but we only dealt with manual declarations. After learning how CAS automates the customs process and hearing first-hand the positive responses customers were having to it, I wanted to be a part of the sales process, building relationships with customers and convincing them how C4T can really revolutionize their customs operations.”

“When Nelleke initially expressed her interest in becoming a sales representative I’ll admit I was hesitant. She was recently out of school and had only been with the company a short time,” shared Chief Revenue Officer Maarten Laruelle. “Then she completely sold me with her ambition and confidence. Her perseverance and determination to move into the role convinced me she was the right person for it.”

During her transition to the sales representative position, Nelleke was wearing two hats for a while—still supporting the CAS Service Desk in the mornings and spending her afternoons contacting customers and prospects. She is learning how to reach out and start conversations, leveraging HubSpot for inbound marketing and sales and Sales Navigator to nurture customer relationships on the LinkedIn network. “Sometimes the two positions overlap, but that’s how it is in any small company. It all works out and is a continuous learning process.”

Meet up with our brand-new Sales Representative, Nelleke!